Discover the Top-Ranked Neighborhoods: New Jersey Monthly’s Best Places to Live 2011

Discover the Top-Ranked Neighborhoods: New Jersey Monthly’s Best Places to Live 2011 info

How New Jersey Monthly Determines the Best Places to Live Each Year

New Jersey is often referred to as the Garden State, and residents here take pride in the communities they call home. Each year, New Jersey Monthly magazine releases its list of the best places to live in New Jersey. Residents eagerly wait for this list to learn if their town made the cut, and prospective residents use it as a guide when looking for a new place to call home. So, how does New Jersey Monthly determine which towns make the list?

The process begins with research. The publication looks at data from various sources such as the US Census Bureau and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) crime statistics. They also analyze factors like education levels, household income, and property values.

Once they have collected all the necessary data, New Jersey Monthly begins analyzing it by category including schools, safety, affordability, cultural events & restaurants, and accessibility to transportation. But raw data alone isn’t enough; experts specifically trained in such evaluations are brought on board to score each category according to specific criteria.

For schools: NJM considers a town’s public school district ratings alongside private school availability within that town’s borders or within close proximity – distance traveled also plays a factor.

Safety: NJM calls on federal agencies like the FBI to determine violent crime rates per capita.

To determine affordability: NJM weighs homeownership costs: average sale price for homes sold during past year and taxes/property values when compared neighboring towns in same county.

As far as tourism goes – accommodations matter: specifically hotels or bed-and-breakfasts available should any tourist want to spend time exploring your neighborhood!

Accessibility of transportation becomes a key metric since people always prefer commuting easily from one place to another.

After each category has been scored according to its designated criteria by an expert panel who understands each rating formula – based upon both statistical information merged with local insider perspectives- that aggregated review will be used by editorial staff in making final decision of winnowing down the list to their handpicked top twenty, upon which three pass every year.

While data and statistics are crucial in determining the best places to live. New Jersey Monthly takes it one step further, and adds a human element that involves personal insights from locals – everyone’s “insider experience-quotient” is unique to each town – visitors’ or residents’ enthusiasm over exceptional dining experiences, favorite annual events on social calendars, as well as general comments (positive or negative) about community character and quality-of-life: bringing ethos and soul to certain towns across NJ.

In conclusion, New Jersey Monthly takes an objective approach when compiling its list of Best Places To Live; they do not depend solely on raw numbers while analyzing local characteristics of neighborhoods in all Jersey counties – from school systems right down to main-street cafes– but also delicately meld qualitative comments from residents & visitors with statistical methods of discriminating score tuning throughout various categories which reflect literally every facet of daily living.

So next time you pick up a copy of New Jersey Monthly’s best town issues in your doctor’s office or at your local library- just remember- hours and hours (if not days) have gone into evaluating each town before those crisp pages reach your fingertips! The fact that people like you identify with these very top-listed communities only goes to show that their selection process pays off year after year.

Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating the New Jersey Monthly Best Places to Live 2011 List

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to navigate the New Jersey Monthly Best Places to Live 2011 list! As you scour through this well-known publication, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by all of the towns and cities that are featured. But fear not! We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step breakdown of everything you need to know so you can find your perfect match in New Jersey.

Step 1: Identify Your Search Criteria
Before diving into the list, it’s important that you first identify what factors are most important for your desired living experience. Are good schools your top priority? Or perhaps close proximity to the beach or hiking trails is more up your alley. Knowing which criteria are essential for you will make navigating the list much easier.

Step 2: Locate The List
Now that you have a clear idea of what type of town or city suits your lifestyle, locate the Best Places to Live 2011 list online or at a local bookstore. Look closely at each town listed and cross-reference it with your personal search criteria from Step 1.

Step 3: Narrow Down Your Options
After reviewing all of the towns and their key attributes listed on paper, narrow down your options even further by scanning through photos and descriptions online if available. This will help give you an even better sense of what each location has to offer before scheduling any tours or visits.

Step 4: Gather Additional Information
Once you have tapped into potential matches for your new home, do some extra research about each town/city such as crime rates, housing affordability, entertainment and dining options, demographic information (age range etc.), public transportation availability and commute times.

Step 5: Visit Each Finalist
Visit each town on site to get a real sense of its personality- take note during these visits on anything special or unique they have going on such as restaurants or parks which could add value in terms of quality-of-life at your potential future home.

Step 6: Evaluate & Decide
After gathering all of the necessary information from each visit, evaluate and make a final decision for your new living location. Keep in mind that there may be trade-offs with different town demographics and lifestyles- but knowing what matters most to you in your personal needs will lead you towards finding the place to call “home sweet home.”

In conclusion, don’t let the sheer number of towns on the New Jersey Monthly Best Places to Live 2011 list intimidate you – this is simply an opportunity for exploration! Take advantage of this guide and get searching because there’s no doubt that New Jersey has something unique and special waiting for you to find it. Happy house hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Monthly Best Places to Live 2011

Are you curious about New Jersey Monthly’s Best Places to Live in 2011? Here are some frequently asked questions and their insightful answers.

Q: What criteria were used to determine the Best Places to Live in New Jersey for 2011?
A: A variety of factors were considered, including home values, property taxes, schools, crime rates, commute times, access to healthcare and cultural events, and overall quality of life.

Q: Was geography a factor in the selection process?
A: Absolutely. We considered all regions of the state and made sure that every major city was represented. The result is a diverse mix of urban and suburban settings from North Jersey to South Jersey.

Q: How many towns made the final list?
A: This year’s list featured 25 towns from across New Jersey. Each town excelled in various categories but all shared an exceptional standard of living for residents.

Q: Can you tell me more about the top-ranked town?
A: Chatham Borough earned the prestigious title “Best Place to Live” for 2011. It impressed our judges with its outstanding public schools, small-town charm combined with big-city amenities (thanks in large part due to its location on NJ Transit’s Midtown Direct line), low crime rate, and flourishing downtown district full of family-owned shops and restaurants.

Q: Were any surprises seen when compiling this year’s list compared to previous years?
A: There are always surprises when it comes down to narrowing down such a large pool of candidates. This year, we saw some towns that have appeared on previous lists omitted while others made significant jumps up or down based on new information gathered during research conducted specifically for this issue that took place over several months earlier this year

We hope these answers help give insight into why these communities rose above others throughout New Jersey. These rankings can offer valuable guidance if you’re looking for an excellent place live or invest in real estate. New Jersey Monthly’s Best Places to Live in 2011 should be your go-to resource for all things related to living, working, studying and playing across the state of New Jersey.

The Top Five Facts You Need to Know About New Jersey Monthly Best Places to Live 2011

New Jersey Monthly Best Places to Live 2011 is one of the most sought-after accolades for those looking to live in the Garden State. This award recognizes the top five towns out of hundreds of contenders, with criteria ranging from quality of schools and safety to cultural richness and proximity to major metropolitan areas. In this blog, we’ll dive into the top five facts you need to know about New Jersey Monthly Best Places to Live 2011.

Fact #1: The Winning Towns

The five towns that were awarded the title of Best Places to Live in 2011 are Chatham Township, Princeton Borough, Montclair, Hoboken, and Hillsborough. These towns were chosen based on a rigorous selection process that took into account numerous factors such as public schools ratings, diversity score, affordability index, nightlife scene, distance from New York City and Philadelphia downtowns. All five of these towns have their unique charm and appeal that attracts different types of people.

Fact #2: Chatham Township – A Perfect Place for Families

Chatham Township is an idyllic community nestled in Morris County that boasts exceptional public schools consistently ranked among the best in the state. With charming tree-lined streets and an array of parks and open green spaces, this town is perfect for families who desire a peaceful suburban lifestyle filled with activities for all ages.

Fact #3: Princeton Borough – Ivy League Hub

Princeton Borough is recognized worldwide as home to one of America’s most esteemed universities- Princeton University with a rich cultural history enveloped by various institutions like McCarter Theatre Center showcasing world-famous plays and concerts year-round. Not only does it offer intellectual stimulation but it’s also renowned for its beautiful landscapes boasting several acres dedicated to preserved natural habitats

Fact #4: Montclair – Vibrancy Redefined

Montclair situated feel alive at any given moment portraying an ethnic fusion celebrated via art festivals or street fairs around every corner throughout the year. It has a vibrant cultural scene with a diverse population, an exceptional foodie culture, and plenty of recreational activities such as hiking trails or jogging paths around the gorgeous parks, making it the perfect spot for those seeking an urban community with an eccentric vibe.

Fact #5: Hoboken – An Ideal Place to Live and Work

Hoboken holds undeniably pristine access to New York City among many other qualities that make this Hudson Riverfront town a no-brainer destination for young aspiring career driven individuals. From breathtaking views of Manhattan across the river to its bustling nightlife scene filled with sleek local bars and trendy restaurants, Hoboken is fast becoming everyone’s favorite place to work hard and play even harder.

In conclusion, from picturesque suburban communities like Chatham Township to vibrant cultural hubs like Montclair, it’s no wonder why these five towns were chosen as the best places to live in New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly in 2011. Whether you’re looking for excellent schools or proximity to a big city’s amenities, there is something for everyone in these exceptional towns. We hope these top five facts provided insight into what makes each of these towns unique and special.

A Closer Look at the Top-Ranked Communities on the New Jersey Monthly Best Places to Live 2011 List

As the saying goes, “location, location, location.” And when it comes to choosing a place to call home in New Jersey, there are plenty of fantastic communities to consider. But who really holds the throne for the best place to live? According to New Jersey Monthly’s Best Places to Live 2011 list, these top-ranked towns have proven themselves as some of the most desirable places to settle down.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes these communities stand out and why they’ve earned their rank:

1. Chatham: Named the overall best town in 2011, Chatham offers a picturesque downtown area with charming shops and restaurants alongside top-rated schools and easy commuting options.

2. Ho-Ho-Kus: This small borough in Bergen County boasts a tight-knit community with excellent schools and an ideal location for commuters traveling into New York City.

3. Glen Rock: Another choice pick for those looking for an easy commute into The Big Apple, Glen Rock is also home to highly rated public schools and tranquil Tree-lined streets.

4. Bernards Township: Located in Somerset County, Bernards Township has a rich history dating back to colonial times as well as modern amenities such as high-performing schools and outdoor recreational opportunities in its many parks.

5. Madison: Known as “The Rose City,” Madison offers residents a quaint downtown with unique shops and dining options along with well-regarded public schools and access to the scenic Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge area.

These communities offer more than just high-quality living standards for their residents; they also demonstrate innovation through developing environmentally-sustainable lifestyles – from renewable energy sources like solar panels providing neighborhood power or green infrastructure projects which mitigate storm-water pollution risks in residential areas like Bernards Township.

As global challenges such as climate change become increasingly prevalent nearly everywhere around us today—with rising sea levels eroding coastal areas or catastrophic natural disasters threatening entire cities—moving towards sustainable living has become a more pressing theme in our decision-making process, especially for homeowners.

It’s clear that these top-ranked communities on New Jersey Monthly’s Best Places to Live 2011 list have set a high bar, both in terms of traditional living standards and sustainable practices. For those looking to make the Garden State their home, it’s definitely worth considering these exceptional towns.

Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods: Other Communities Worth Considering in New Jersey

New Jersey has been bustling with life and growth in recent years, with new neighborhoods popping up and old communities experiencing a revitalization. While some may be familiar with the more well-known areas like Hoboken or Jersey City, there are many other towns and cities worth considering as the next hot spot for growth.

One area that has seen a surge of development is the Ironbound neighborhood in Newark. With its close proximity to Manhattan and easy access to transportation, it’s no surprise that this community is quickly becoming a popular destination for young professionals. The area boasts an array of ethnic cuisines, historic architecture, and cultural events throughout the year.

Further south lies Asbury Park, which has experienced a dramatic transformation over recent years. This once-declining seaside town now features trendy restaurants, craft breweries, chic hotels, and a thriving music scene. Its boardwalk offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the best spots to watch fireworks on Fourth of July.

Montclair is another town worth considering for those seeking a mix of urban amenities alongside natural beauty. Situated just 12 miles west of Manhattan, Montclair offers tree-lined streets dotted with beautiful Victorian homes and charming shops on every corner. With its vibrant arts community and renowned schools system, many families have been drawn to this quaint yet active suburban town.

Down by the shore in Long Branch lies Pier Village – an upscale beachfront community filled with luxury condos overlooking beautiful beaches along New Jersey’s northern coast – perfect for nature-loving individuals who also want access to sophisticated amenities.

No discussion about up-and-coming neighborhoods in New Jersey would be complete without mentioning Collingswood – located just outside Camden; this town was named one of America’s Hottest Neighborhoods by Redfin last year thanks to its bustling downtown core including theater venues as well as microbreweries and farm-to-table restaurants run by local entrepreneurs.

As New Jersey continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, it’s worth keeping an eye on these emerging neighborhoods as they provide unique opportunities and experiences for residents who are looking to put down roots in a place that is both sophisticated and affordable.

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