Discover the Best Beach to Visit in New Jersey: A Personal Story and Helpful Guide [2021 Statistics Included]

Discover the Best Beach to Visit in New Jersey: A Personal Story and Helpful Guide [2021 Statistics Included] Best Beaches in New Jersey

Short answer: The best beach to visit in New Jersey is Cape May. It boasts pristine beaches, historic Victorian architecture, and a charming downtown area. Other popular options include Ocean City for a family-friendly atmosphere and Seaside Heights for its boardwalk attractions.

Planning Your Trip? Learn How to Choose the Best Beach to Visit in New Jersey

When it comes to planning a summer vacation, there are few places more attractive than the Jersey Shore. With miles and miles of sandy beaches, fun boardwalks, and delicious seafood restaurants, New Jersey has no shortage of options for those seeking an oceanfront retreat. But with so many towns and beaches to choose from, how do you know which one is best for you?

First things first: consider your priorities. Are you looking for a bustling boardwalk with lots of activities and nightlife? Or would you prefer a quieter, more secluded beach where you can relax in peace? Do you want easy access to restaurants and shops, or would you rather pack your own cooler and have a picnic on the sand? Once you determine what kind of experience you’re after, it will be easier to narrow down your options.

Here are some of the top choices when it comes to choosing the perfect beach destination in New Jersey:

1. Cape May: If charm and relaxation top your list of must-haves, then Cape May is worth considering. This picturesque town is filled with Victorian architecture and quaint bed-and-breakfasts ideal for romantic getaways or family vacations that focus on bonding time.

2. Asbury Park: Younger crowds tend to flock here due to its great music scene (The Stone Pony is legendary), but Asbury Park also offers up some serious history; Bruce Springsteen played his first ever concert at The Upstage Club here!

3. Wildwood: Famous for its expansive boardwalk (more than two miles long!) featuring amusement park rides galore as well as numerous shops selling everything from taffy to trinkets makes this town an exciting option.

4. Ocean City: This charming town boasts one of the cleanest beaches in America thanks to their strict laws aiming to keep trash off the shoreline. A historic downtown area provides plenty of shopping opportunities as well!

5. Long Beach Island: Consisting of six towns, Long Beach Island has a little something for everyone. Surfing enthusiasts love the waves at Ship Bottom while families can explore museums and play mini-golf at Beach Haven.

6. Point Pleasant Beach: Another crowded option with an extensive boardwalk, Point Pleasant is geared more towards family vacation time than Asbury Park but there are always things happening to keep travelers entertained rain or shine.

No matter which beach you choose along the New Jersey coastline, know that you can’t go wrong- each one has something special to offer visitors looking for a break from the daily grind of life!

Step by Step: The Ultimate Guide on How to Visit the Best Beach in New Jersey

When most people think of New Jersey, they tend to imagine crowded cities, endless highways and industrial pollution filling the air. But nestled away on the scenic east coast of America, there exists a hidden gem that defies these black-and-white prejudices: its beaches.

That’s right, despite its reputation as an urbanized state where every inch is taken up by a cityscape, New Jersey boasts some of the best beach towns in the country. It’s certainly true that it may not be Florida or California level for sun worshippers, but the Garden State’s waterside towns promise to deliver top-notch coastal bliss – and we’re going to share with you our ultimate guide on how to experience everything this amazing spot has to offer.

1. First things first: choose your location

The very best beaches in New Jersey are all scattered around its 127-mile coastline so selecting which area you want to visit should be your starting point. Want a low-key vacation? A small seaside town might do just the trick for you. Alternatively, if you’re after a buzzing atmosphere with loads of amenities and fun events throughout summer? Then opt for larger destinations like Atlantic City or Wildwood!

2. Book accommodations accordingly

Once you’ve pinpointed your preferred destination it’s time to start scouring vacation rentals & hotels! Look out for reviews when selecting where to stay (there are plenty on various accommodation-booking websites). You can also dip into Google maps street view to view what surrounds your hotel for those keen socialites who plan their entire trip around easy access eateries and bars ;-).

Make sure to book early too – since this is such a popular destination among families on vacation especially during Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

3. Plan ahead with equipment

Before heading off onto any sandy shores remember that a good beach day demands extra equipment beyond packing lotions and towels (you need so much more!). Think sunscreen-resistant swimwear &, swimming equipment, sun hats, a good beach umbrella or tent that’ll provide ample shade for your stay, and last but not least…a beach bag!

4. Research on the best eateries and dining experiences

Sure you may be ready to get plenty of fresh air and some much-needed vitamin D under your skin but it’s important to prioritize satisfying your stomach too. Do some digging online to find out any highly-rated nearby cafes or restaurants with really great seafood – such as Hooked Up Seafood in Wildwood or The Lobster House in Cape May.

5. Check out local attractions & events near you

While unwinding at the beach can easily be a day-long escapade there are several other things happening around that’ll allow visitors to make the most of their time away from home. Look for specialized tours like whale watching tours along Cape May harbor; check out live entertainment programs spotting up favorite beaches like Ocean City Beach’s weekly boardwalk concerts; or simply stroll any historic attractions close by.


Taking full advantage of what New Jersey’s beaches have to offer may sound daunting but if visitors properly prepare ahead and craft a tailor-made itinerary featuring sandy destinations coupled by opportunistic sightseeing, then it could be tough to resist retiring back there summer after summer! So go ahead – get out town now and soak in all that sunshine you’ve been craving for.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting the Best Beach in New Jersey

Are you planning to visit the best beach in New Jersey? Well, you are in for a treat! But before you pack your bags and head out to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf, here’s everything you need to know about this popular destination.

What is the name of the Best Beach in New Jersey?

Drumroll please…The best beach in New Jersey is none other than Cape May! This mesmerizing coastal town is popular amongst tourists for its beautiful beaches, Victorian architecture and rich history.

When should I visit Cape May Beach?

Well, this depends on your personal preferences. If you love crowds and lots of activities, then visiting during peak season (June-August) should be ideal as there will be tons of events taking place from music concerts to live theatre shows. However, if you want a quieter experience with less activity and fewer crowds then consider visiting outside peak season from September-November or April-May

How do I get there?

Cape May has its airport but driving can also be an exciting option through Garden State Parkway (one of the most scenic highways), which stretches across almost the entire state of New Jersey.

What Should I Pack for my trip to Cape May?

Here’s where many people get it wrong. Even though it’s a beach trip we recommend packing more than swimwear: flip-flops/sandals for walking around town or shorelines, hats/caps/sunglasses especially if traveling during summer months as temperatures can soar up high!

Are Pets Allowed on Cape May Beach?

Furry friends are not allowed on all parts of the beaches at all times but no worries – Cape May welcomes pets during “off-hours”, early mornings or late evenings between 8 pm- sunrise from November-April. The exceptional exercise opportunity can add fun moments throughout your stay!

Can I Drink Alcohol On-Cape May Beach?

Yes! Alcoholic beverages are permitted on Cape May Beach (but not glass containers) although getting wasted under the direct sun might not be the best idea. Your first aid kit should include sunscreens and insect repellents to keep you refreshed.

Can I Rent Umbrellas and Beach Chairs?

Of course, you can! Multiple rental options are available at the beach including umbrellas, chairs, boogie boards, towels and if you forget yours or feel adventurous; Boardwalk bikes surreys rentals are ready for a nice bike trip with sand between your toes!

What Other Attractions Can I Enjoy in Cape May Besides The Beaches?

Cape May is better described as a blend of antique beauty and natural journey. There’s more than meets the eye in this beautiful coastal town – horse-drawn carriages tours, Whale & Dolphin Watching trips (perfect for adventurous vacationers or animal enthusiasts), visiting Victorian architecture homes, charming boutiques for shoppers plus glorious food offerings definitely worth trying from Bakery Cafes to seafront restaurants.

In conclusion, Cape May beach is undoubtedly one of New Jersey’s finest destinations that appeal to visitors throughout all seasons. Feel free to reach out for more holistic advice on how to prepare for your upcoming trip!

The Top 5 Facts About the Best Beach to Visit in New Jersey That Will Surprise You

As summer approaches, many people start planning their beach vacations. While there are plenty of popular beach destinations throughout the country, some might not consider New Jersey as a prime destination for sandy shores and ocean views. However, they would be mistaken – the Garden State boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast.

So what is the best beach to visit in New Jersey? It’s difficult to declare just one winner, as there are so many beautiful options along the shoreline. Nonetheless, there is a clear favorite among locals and tourists alike: Cape May.

Cape May offers miles of pristine shoreline, historic architecture, and charming local shops and restaurants. But that’s just scratching the surface – here are five surprising facts about Cape May that make it stand out from the rest:

1. It’s one of America’s oldest beach resorts.
Cape May has been a popular summertime destination since well before its official founding in 1857. As early as the mid-1700s, wealthy landowners from Philadelphia would escape to their homes in Cape May during hot summers. In fact, by 1816, several hotels had already sprung up along Beach Avenue! Today, visitors can still stroll past beautifully-preserved Victorian-era buildings and enjoy a unique glimpse into American history.

2. The sand dunes aren’t just picturesque – they’re essential for conservation.
While much of Cape May is focused on tourism, preserving its natural beauty is still a top priority for residents and officials alike. One way this is accomplished is through protection of sand dunes along the coastline – these help prevent erosion due to waves and storms while serving as critical habitats for wildlife such as piping plovers and diamondback terrapin turtles.

3. Beach tags aren’t just another fee – they go right back into maintaining Cape May.
Many towns throughout New Jersey require “beach tags” or badges to access their beaches during peak season (generally Memorial Day through Labor Day). Cape May is no exception, with prices ranging from $6 to $30 depending on the length of your stay. However, what many visitors might not realize is that those fees are reinvested directly into maintaining the beaches and surrounding parks – so really, it’s a small price to pay for pristine waterfront access!

4. You can actually see dolphins from shore.
Watching dolphins frolic in the ocean is always a magical sight – and at Cape May, you don’t even have to go on a special tour to catch them in action. Bottlenose dolphins often visit the waters off the coast, and lucky visitors might be able to spot them swimming close enough to shore for an unobstructed view.

5. It was home to one of America’s first aviation schools.
Believe it or not, before Cape May became known for its stunning beaches, it was an important hub for aviation training. In 1917, just after America entered World War I, the federal government established Naval Air Station Cape May as a means of preparing pilots for combat overseas. Over time, this grew into one of America’s largest naval air stations – and today, visitors can explore some of its rich history at nearby museums and historic sites.

It’s clear that Cape May has much more hidden beneath its serene shoreline than meets the eye – whether you’re interested in historical landmarks or simply soaking up some sun on soft sands lined by sparkling Atlantic surf. So if you’re planning a beach vacation this summer (or any time), make sure New Jersey’s best-kept secret finds its way onto your itinerary!

Why You Should Make This Hidden Gem Your Next Best Beach Destination in New Jersey

When most people think of New Jersey, they may conjure up images of busy boardwalks and crowded beaches. But hidden within this bustling state lies a truly incredible and oft-overlooked gem: Long Beach Island. This pristine stretch of sand offers all the beauty and excitement you could hope for in a beach destination without the crowds and commercialism that tend to come with more popular spots.

Located on the southern coast of New Jersey, Long Beach Island boasts miles of soft golden sand that invite you to relax and soak up the sun. Whether you’re looking for a quiet escape or a fun-filled day with family and friends, this idyllic paradise delivers on all counts. And with plenty of amenities like showers, bathrooms, and lifeguards on duty throughout much of the year, it’s easy to stay comfortable while enjoying everything that LBI has to offer.

But the real magic of Long Beach Island lies in its unique character. Though it’s widely known among locals as one of the best places to go in New Jersey if you want to avoid crowds, it also manages to provide plenty of action for those who crave excitement. You can take your pick from surfing some seriously gnarly waves, paddleboarding across crystal-clear waters, fishing off the beach or pier or simply enjoying a refreshing dip in the ocean.

If you’re in search of culture and history along with your outdoor adventures, then Long Beach Island is definitely worth considering as well. The area is home to quaint boutiques and eateries offering classic American seafood cuisine – perfect after your day lounging bythe sea!The historic Barnegat Lighthouse dates back to 1857 so there’s an abundance of opportunities for exploring maritime history whilst admiring stunning views across the Atlantic Ocean at every turn.

In short? Long Beach Island is one destination that should be on every traveler’s radar – especially if you’re looking for a seaside getaway that offers both excitement and relaxation, and is free from the hustle and bustle of more crowded destinations. So next time you need a break from the city or just want to experience a truly unique beach experience, make be sure to head down to Long Beach Island in New Jersey. You won’t be disappointed!

From Boardwalks to Sunsets: Experiencing the Allure of the Best Beaches in New Jersey

When people think of New Jersey, they may not immediately consider it a prime beach destination. However, the Garden State boasts some of the most beautiful and alluring beaches on the East Coast. From bustling boardwalks to serene sunsets, exploring these beaches is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.

One of the most popular beach destinations in New Jersey is Atlantic City. Famous for its iconic boardwalk and vibrant nightlife scene, Atlantic City offers visitors a plethora of entertainment options. Stroll along the boardwalk and indulge in some classic Jersey Shore foods like funnel cake or saltwater taffy, or take a dip in the cool ocean waters. At night, try your luck at one of Atlantic City’s many casinos or catch a show at one of its entertainment venues.

If you’re looking for a quieter beach experience away from the crowds, head down to Cape May. Known for its Victorian charm and picturesque lighthouse, Cape May has become a favorite among families and couples seeking a more relaxed atmosphere. Take a bike ride along Beach Avenue to enjoy stunning views of historic homes and bed-and-breakfasts while feeling fresh sea breeze blowing through your hair.

Another great spot for those looking for a quieter day at the beach is Island Beach State Park. Located twenty minutes south of Seaside Heights (another classic New Jersey beach town), this state park stretches over ten miles long with natural sand dunes that make it feel like you’re somewhere truly remote.

On top of all this beauty there are essentially no shops around since Island Beach Park lacks commercialization — so remember to bring what you need before heading out! Come night time be ready to witness some truly mesmerizing starry nights – perfect if you are trying to escape hectic city life!

For those seeking adventure on their beach vacation, check out Inlet County Park in Oceanport where kayaking meets sandcastles! Visitors can explore the Shrewsbury River in kayaks or paddleboards before settling down to build sandcastles on the picturesque beach.

Of course, no discussion of New Jersey beaches would be complete without mentioning Point Pleasant Beach. This vibrant and busy shore destination boasts a classic boardwalk that runs for miles along the oceanfront. Spend the day riding roller coasters and playing carnival games, then end it with a fireworks show on the beach as part of their summer-long “Movies On The Beach” series.

Whether you prefer your beaches bustling and full of energy or more mellow and laid-back, New Jersey has something to offer every type of traveler. And best of all? A trip to one of these shores won’t break the bank – access to most Jersey Shore towns is often free (minus cost for parking)!

Next time you’re looking for a fun and unique vacation spot, consider experiencing the allure of some of New Jersey’s best beaches!

Table with useful data:

Beach Name Location Activities Attractions
Cape May Beach Cape May Swimming, sunbathing, fishing, kayaking Cape May Lighthouse, Victorian architecture, wineries
Ocean City Beach Ocean City Swimming, surfing, jet skiing, fishing Boardwalk, amusement park, mini golf, water park
Wildwood Beach Wildwood Swimming, surfing, volleyball, parasailing Boardwalk, amusement park, water park, convention center
Island Beach State Park Seaside Park Swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, bird-watching Fishing, nature trails, picnic areas

Information from an expert

As a New Jersey native and beach enthusiast, I can confidently say that the best beach to visit in the state is Cape May. Known for its Victorian architecture and quaint small town feel, Cape May’s beaches offer some of the cleanest waters and softest sand you’ll find in the area. With plenty of dining options and activities such as dolphin watching tours and bike rentals, Cape May has something for everyone. Plus, it’s located on the southernmost tip of New Jersey, so you can also enjoy stunning sunset views over the Delaware Bay.

Historical fact:

New Jersey’s Cape May beach was visited by the Native American tribe Lenape long before European settlers arrived in America. The Lenape used the area for fishing, hunting, and shellfishing, and considered the land to be sacred. Today, Cape May is still a popular destination for beachgoers seeking sun, sand, and historic charm.

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