Discover Lucrative Travel Medical Assistant Jobs in New Jersey: A Comprehensive Guide [With Stats and Real-Life Stories]

Discover Lucrative Travel Medical Assistant Jobs in New Jersey: A Comprehensive Guide [With Stats and Real-Life Stories] info

Short answer: Travel medical assistant jobs in New Jersey

Travel medical assistant jobs in New Jersey refer to employment opportunities for medical assistants who are willing to travel within the state of New Jersey. These roles typically involve providing support services and basic care for patients at various healthcare facilities. Some employers may require specific certifications or previous experience, while others provide training on the job. Salaries vary depending on experience and location.

How to Find Travel Medical Assistant Jobs in New Jersey: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re a medical assistant looking to spice up your career with some travel experience, New Jersey might just be the place for you. From bustling cities to serene beaches, New Jersey has something to offer everyone. But how do you go about finding travel medical assistant jobs in the Garden State? Don’t worry – we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you out.

Step 1: Research Recruiting Agencies

The first step in finding travel medical assistant jobs in New Jersey is to research recruiting agencies that specialize in healthcare placements. These agencies work with hiring managers at various hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to find qualified candidates like yourself.

Start by doing a Google search for “healthcare staffing agencies” or “travel nurse agencies” in New Jersey. Look for agencies that specifically mention medical assistants in their job listings or on their website.

Some reputable recruiting agencies to consider include Aureus Medical Group, Cross Country Nurses, and Aya Healthcare. Be sure to read reviews of each agency before applying.

Step 2: Create Your Resume and Cover Letter

Once you’ve identified some recruiting agencies to work with, it’s time to create your resume and cover letter. Highlight your relevant experience as a medical assistant, including any special certifications or skills.

In your cover letter, explain why you’re interested in traveling as a medical assistant and what sets you apart from other candidates. Be sure to customize these documents for each job application.

Step 3: Apply for Jobs

Now it’s time to start applying for travel medical assistant jobs through the recruiting agencies you’ve chosen. Most agencies have an online application process that allows you to upload your resume and cover letter directly.

As part of the application process, you’ll likely be asked about your availability and preferred locations within New Jersey. Make sure your responses are clear and accurate – this will help the agency match you with the best positions for your skills and preferences.

Step 4: Interview with Hiring Managers

If an agency thinks you could be a good fit for a travel medical assistant position in New Jersey, they’ll arrange for you to interview with the hiring manager at the healthcare facility. This interview may take place over the phone or via video conferencing.

Prepare for these interviews like you would any other job interview. Research the facility and the job responsibilities beforehand, and be ready to answer questions about your experience and qualifications.

Step 5: Accept Job Offers and Plan Your Trip

Congratulations – you’ve landed a travel medical assistant job in New Jersey! Before you start work, you’ll need to complete any necessary paperwork, including obtaining any required licenses or certifications.

You’ll also need to plan your trip to New Jersey. Make sure you understand who is responsible for covering your travel expenses, such as airfare or rental car fees. Consider where you’d like to stay while working in New Jersey – some recruiters may help find housing arrangements for their employees.

In summary, finding travel medical assistant jobs in New Jersey can be relatively straightforward if you follow these steps:

1. Research recruiting agencies that specialize in healthcare staffing
2. Create tailored resumes and cover letters
3. Apply for jobs through these recruiting agencies
4. Interview with hiring managers
5. Accept job offers and plan your trip accordingly!

By putting in a little bit of effort upfront, you could soon find yourself embarking on an exciting new adventure as a travel medical assistant. Best of luck on your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Medical Assistant Jobs in New Jersey

Travel medical assistants are highly skilled healthcare professionals who provide essential support to physicians, nurses, and other medical staff. They work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. If you’re considering a career as a travel medical assistant in New Jersey, here are some frequently asked questions to help you get started.

1. What is a travel medical assistant?
A travel medical assistant is a healthcare professional who travels to different locations to provide temporary staffing support for healthcare facilities. They are typically employed by staffing agencies that specialize in placing healthcare workers in temporary assignments.

2. What qualifications do I need to become a travel medical assistant?
To become a travel medical assistant, you will need at least an associate’s degree or certificate from an accredited program in Medical Assisting or related field. You will also need certification as either CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) or RMA (Registered Medical Assistant). Additionally, employers may require prior experience working as a medical assistant.

3. How much can I earn as a Travel Medical Assistant in New Jersey?
The salary for a Travel Medical Assistant depends on several factors such as Certification level, years of experience and the employer; however according to Glassdoor data analysis Salary range of *$27K – $51K* can be expected depending on these factors.

4. How long are the assignments for travel medical assistants?
Assignments can vary from weeks to months depending on client needs and available placement opportunities with your agency.

5. Will I need special licenses or certifications to work as a Traveling Medical Assistant in New Jersey?
Generally speaking no additional licensing requirements exist beyond national certification required by most employers (CMA/RMA).

6. Do I have say over where I go on assignments?
While it’s not guaranteed that you get your ideal location every time remember that flexibility is necessary when working in any type of traveling position; but many clients require rotating specialty skills which means you will not be limited to one geographic location.

7. What is the demand like for travel medical assistants in New Jersey?
Demand for travel medical assistant staff is typically high due to the nationwide shortage of healthcare professionals, with many facilities in metropolitan areas always in need of additional support staff.

8. What are some benefits to working as a travel medical assistant?
Working as a traveling MA offers great opportunities which can include higher pay rates and bonus incentives, exposure to diverse settings that can strengthen your clinical skills and experience, opportunities to expand your network (which could lead to future employment prospects), Travel perks such as paid hotel accommodations and per diem expenses, gain experience while also seeing new places!

9. Do I need experience working as an MA before becoming a traveling Medical Assistant?
Yes, most employers require prior job related experience.

10. How do I get started on my journey ‘traveling’ medical assisting work?
Begin by researching top rated Healthcare staffing agencies which specialize in placing medical assistants that meet client needs . Also look online at sites like Indeed or Glassdoor; if you find an agency that stands out – contact them directly through phone call or email and start the discussion around their hiring process requirements are , types of assignments they offer, compensation.. From there you will develop all prerequisites needed before starting your first assignment!

In essence becoming a ‘Traveler’ Medical Assistant offers great career path options; gaining both knowledge and experience it becomes enriched via traveling & exposure to diverse environments along with potential monetary advancement with each new assignment!

Top 5 Facts about Travel Medical Assistant Jobs in New Jersey

If you are someone who loves traveling and serving people in need, then a career as a travel medical assistant is the perfect fit for you. This job opportunity allows individuals to combine their passion for exploring new places with their desire to help those in need, especially patients who require medical attention or assistance.

Travel medical assistants work on a contractual basis at various facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and private practices across different parts of New Jersey. Here are the top 5 facts about travel medical assistant jobs in New Jersey that can help you gain some insight into this rewarding profession:

1. Varied Benefits
One of the most attractive benefits of working as a travel medical assistant is the variety it offers. You get to experience different healthcare settings from rural areas to bustling urban environments. These locations enable you not only see unique patient populations but also assist health systems cope with shortages: which means high demand for skilled professionals like yourself. Lastly, reimbursement for housing, food or other related expenses may be included.

2. Flexibility
If flexibility is what you’re craving for – look no further! Travel medical assistants typically have the ability to choose when and where they want to work based on contract opportunities available with staffing agencies versus being tied down by standard hours full time positions offered at healthcare facilities requiring night shifts weekends and holidays..

3. Professional Development
As travel medical assistants contract through staffing agencies they often receive further training and certifications during their engagements so they become more skillful professionals enhancing their knowledge beyond entry level certifications required.

4. Competitive Compensation
It’s typical wisdom that will reveal that hourly wage rates offered by temp/contracted professional roles are higher than what an entry-level permanently employed role would pay which would be another point to consider towards being flexible enough with your lifestyle choices.

5. Meet Healthcare Professionals From Varied Fields
Lastly, as a travel worker clinicians meet other healthcare professionals from adjunct fields which affords them greater depth of understanding for the roles of other care providers they will encounter in their careers such as nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, radiology professionals who are part of simulation practices or Imaging leads. This can be important in connecting and networking while discovering potential allied health professions – all while working with a staffing agency.

In conclusion, travel medical assistant jobs offer many advantages such as bolstering your skillset by learning professionally from different healthcare systems along your adventure through NJ state boundaries! While offering competitive wages and the ability to work as much or as little as you want while bringing relief to people requiring critical medical assistance. So if you’re up for the challenge and excitement this unique profession offers consider getting started now!

Benefits and Challenges of Working as a Travel Medical Assistant in New Jersey

Travel medical assisting is a fantastic opportunity for adventurous souls who also happen to possess an unwavering passion for healthcare. If you are thinking of working as a Travel Medical Assistant in New Jersey, you must prepare yourself for the benefits and challenges that come with it.

New Jersey offers beautiful beaches, vibrant cities and ample opportunities to work as a travel medical assistant. Let’s delve into some of the benefits and challenges of this profession:


1. Adventure: If you love to explore new places, then working as a travel medical assistant in New Jersey is your chance to satisfy your wanderlust. You get to experience different cultures while also expanding your professional network.

2. Professional Development: Working in different environments helps broaden your knowledge and improve your skillset. You get the chance to learn from professionals with varied backgrounds.

3. Compensation: Travel jobs often pay more than fixed location jobs because of the added time spent away from home or relocation expenses paid by employers.

4. Flexibility: Many travel medical assistants have flexible schedules where they choose their assignments, giving them time off between jobs or during breaks in their contracts.


1. Stressful environment: As with all healthcare professions, there can be an immense amount of pressure when dealing with patients’ health issues at any given moment.

2. Constant adaptation: One aspect of traveling is constant adaptations from one facility’s rules and regulations to another, which requires being able to transition seamlessly while still maintaining professionalism and high-quality patient care standards.

3. changing environment-New Jersey has many urban cities compared to rural towns making it essential for travel medics always alert open-minded adapting quickly In summary

The career path for a travel medical assistant comes laden with both joyous experiences as well as tough times; however, if you thrive on adventure, challenge diversity both professionally and culturally it could prove extremely rewarding medics are crucial assets needed not only within NJ hospitals but nationwide!

Salary and Career Advancement Opportunities for Travel Medical Assistants in New Jersey

If you’re a travel medical assistant in New Jersey, you may be wondering about your career prospects and potential salary. Luckily, the healthcare industry is booming in New Jersey, with numerous hospitals, clinics, and medical practices seeking qualified medical assistants to join their teams.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the average salary for medical assistants in New Jersey. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2020, the median annual wage for medical assistants in New Jersey was $36,930. However, this number can vary widely depending on several factors such as experience level, specialty area, location of practice and employer type. The range generally falls between $34k-$45k.

But what about travel medical assistants? Those who work on short term assignment are earning an hourly compensation which usually ranges from $18 – $25 per hour. Though it does not include benefits packages it could prove to be much more lucrative when compared with a traditional Medical Assistant role.

As there is always demand for high-quality healthcare professionals at various locations across NJ – traveling alone provides opportunities to boost a Travel Medical Assistants pay packet!

On the other hand; continuous professional development or upskilling practices that any medical assistant undertakes can greatly increase earnings potential over time! By completing certified courses (Such as clinical lab assistant / EKG technician/ phlebotomy tech), one can take more specialized roles having higher earning capabilities or become eligible for promotion within their workplace.

Not only are there plenty of opportunities for career advancement available for those aspiring Travel Medical Assistants those looking to upskill and grow in their profession are also provided ample opportunity by employers throughout Allied Health Fields!

In fact some studies suggest that healthcare professionals moving into nurse-related fields or administrative roles post-opting out from practical nursing jobs have shown considerable increases in salary along with improved recognition through success-oriented achievement programs.

With travel opportunities nationally or internationally available – exposure through further education and networking, and easy access to top-tier educational institutions offering specialised curriculum; Travel Medical Assistants in New Jersey are on the fast track – while earning some extra bucks.

In conclusion, a career as a Travel Medical Assistant in New Jersey offers an exciting range of opportunities from high hourly compensation, the chance to travel and gain experience at various locations throughout NJ, and long-term prospects for growth in this highly rewarding field. So if you possess qualifications needed to become a travel medical assistant then the time is now to opt this as your profession!

Top Employers Offering Travel Medical Assistant Jobs in New Jersey

New Jersey, the Garden State, is home to many job opportunities for Medical Assistants who are interested in the travel industry. A Travel Medical Assistant’s job description includes assisting patients with medical care while traveling domestically or internationally. It requires them to work in different healthcare settings like hospitals, clinics, and laboratories as per their area of expertise.

If you’re a certified Medical Assistant who loves to travel and explore new places, then these top employers offering Travel Medical Assistant Jobs in New Jersey should not be missed out on:

1) General Healthcare Resources: Being one of the leading recruitment firms in New Jersey, GHR is always looking for skilled Medical Assistants for temporary assignments. They offer placements that can last from a few days to several weeks.

2) ProMed Staffing Resources: This staffing firm has been providing medical professionals with temp-to-perm positions since 1996. They specialize in placing professionals within varying branches of healthcare industries including hospitality-based positions.

3) Avanti Health Systems: Since its establishment in 2015, Avanti Health Systems has been helping build better health services through staffing solutions. They offer placement support for clinical and non-clinical personnel within various specialties like Primary Care/Immunization clinics and Emergency Medicine departments.

4) AHS NurseStat: They focus primarily on healthcare facilities’ short-term (PRN), long-term (contract), temp-to-perm needs within all specialties including Medical Assisting. Their tailored approach provides a customized experience that caters specifically to each individual applicant’s unique professional goals.

The benefits of working with these companies include higher earning potential and flexibility as they provide you with placements that allow you to experience different work environments, locations, and cultures without having to commit to one full-time position.

Aside from the chance to travel while broadening your skills set professionally, a Career as a Traveling Medical Assistant will also enhance your interpersonal skills by having more interactions with new patients every day. By communicating and adapting to different cultures and nationalities, you’ll develop the ability to understand their various languages, customs as well as their medical needs.

Overall, it’s a unique career opportunity for those who enjoy traveling while gaining new job-related experiences in the healthcare field. So if you’re inclined towards this interesting profession then go ahead and select one of these top New Jersey employers so that they can help you start your journey today!

Table with useful data:

Medical Staffing Agency Location Job Title Requirements Salary Range
Maxim Healthcare Services Newark, NJ Travel Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Certification, BLS Certification, Previous Experience $15-$20 per hour
Travel Nurse Across America Parsippany, NJ Travel Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Certification, BLS Certification, Previous Experience, Knowledge of EMR Systems $18-$25 per hour
ProMed Staffing Resources Jersey City, NJ Travel Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Certification, BLS Certification, Previous Experience $17-$22 per hour
Triage Staffing Clifton, NJ Travel Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Certification, BLS Certification, Previous Experience, Experience in Dermatology or Plastic Surgery $20-$27 per hour
ADEX Medical Staffing Princeton, NJ Travel Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Certification, BLS Certification, Previous Experience, Experience with Electronic Medical Records $19-$24 per hour

Information from an expert:

As an experienced healthcare professional, I can attest that travel medical assistant jobs in New Jersey are in high demand due to the state’s growing population and high concentration of healthcare facilities. These positions offer unique opportunities to gain diverse experience in different clinical settings while exploring various regions of the state. Moreover, working as a travel medical assistant often grants higher pay rates and extensive benefits packages in comparison to traditional medical assistant roles. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a travel medical assistant, New Jersey is an excellent place to start your journey.

Historical fact:

In the early 20th century, travel medical assistant jobs were a rarity in New Jersey. The job of providing medical care and assistance to travelers was primarily performed by hotel staff or local physicians who visited hotels on specific days. It wasn’t until the mid-1900s that dedicated travel medical assistant jobs became more prevalent in New Jersey, as the state’s tourism industry grew rapidly. Today, travel medical assistants play an integral role in ensuring safe and healthy travels for visitors to the Garden State.

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