Discover Lucrative Travel Med Surg Nurse Jobs in New Jersey: A Personal Story and Essential Tips [2021 Statistics and Insights]

Discover Lucrative Travel Med Surg Nurse Jobs in New Jersey: A Personal Story and Essential Tips [2021 Statistics and Insights] info

**Short answer: Travel med surg nurse jobs in New Jersey are available through various staffing agencies and medical facilities. These positions offer competitive pay, benefits, and the opportunity to gain valuable experience working in different healthcare settings. Requirements include an RN license, BLS certification, and prior med surg experience.**

Step by Step Guide: How to Land a Travel Med Surg Nursing Job in New Jersey

Travel nursing is an exciting and rewarding career path for nurses who enjoy exploring new places, meeting new people, and treating patients in different healthcare settings. Travel med surg nursing jobs in New Jersey are particularly popular due to the state’s beautiful coastline, sprawling forests, and bustling cities. If you’re a registered nurse who wants to break into the travel nursing world or simply looking for your next adventure, follow this step-by-step guide to land your dream travel med surg job in New Jersey.

1. Decide on Your Ideal Location

New Jersey may be a small state, but there’s no shortage of healthcare facilities where you can work as a travel med surg nurse. Begin by figuring out what location works best for you based on your personal preferences and interests. Do you want to work near the shorelines of Cape May or Atlantic City? Or do you prefer inland cities like Trenton or Newark? It’s important to have a clear idea of where exactly you want to work so that your recruiter can better match you with open opportunities.

2. Contact a Reputable Recruiting Agency

Working with a reputable recruiting agency is essential when searching for travel nursing jobs. Many recruiting agencies specialize in placing healthcare professionals throughout the country – including New Jersey – and will help streamline your job search process by providing access to exclusive job postings and insider information about potential employers.

When researching recruiting agencies, look for those with significant experience working with med surg nurses in New Jersey or ample positive reviews from fellow travelers who’ve used their services before.

3. Gather Your Paperwork

As with any travel nursing position, gathering and organizing all necessary paperwork is critical before applying for jobs. Be sure to have up-to-date copies of:

• State Nursing Licenses: You’ll need to have an active RN license in good standing before beginning any assignment.
• Certifications: Popular certifications within med-surg include Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).
• Immunization Records: Many healthcare facilities require up-to-date immunization records for all employees. Some common immunizations required are flu shots, TB tests, and Hepatitis B vaccinations.
• Resume: Spend some time polishing your resume to highlight relevant experience that could set you apart as a top candidate.

4. Submit Applications

Once you’ve gathered all of your necessary documents and decided on which opportunities best align with your needs, it’s time to apply! Be prepared to provide references, undergo interviews, and submit additional documentation such as a skills checklist during the application process.

It’s essential to share any unique qualifications or experiences in your application materials that make you stand out from other candidates. Be sure to completely fill out applications and include thoughtful answers to essay questions to show potential employers that you’re committed and passionate about travel med surg nursing.

5. Choose Your Ideal Assignment

After submitting applications and participating in interviews, it will be time to choose an assignment that works best for both you and the healthcare facility. Ensure that all details including dates of employment, pay rates, housing accommodations are discussed before accepting a position.

Overall Conclusion:

Travel nursing jobs offer endless possibilities for adventurous nurses who want a change of pace while honing their professional skills in new environments. Landing a travel med surg nursing job in New Jersey is easy when taking these five steps into consideration – deciding on location preferences, partnering with reputable recruiting agencies, gathering paperwork ahead of time, completing thorough job applications with detailed information on relevant qualifications or experiences which sets them apart from other candidates finally choosing an assignment suited perfectly for them so they can start exploring this great state!

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Med Surg Nurse Jobs in New Jersey

Are you considering travel med surg nurse job opportunities in New Jersey? It’s a great choice! As a travel nurse, not only do you get to explore new places and enjoy exciting experiences but you also have the opportunity to elevate your nursing career by working at some of the best Med-Surg facilities in New Jersey. Before getting started, here are frequently asked questions about travel med surg nurse jobs in New Jersey to help guide you through the whole process.

What is a Travel Med Surg Nurse?
A travel med-surg nurse is a registered nurse who works temporarily at hospitals or healthcare facilities throughout the United States. These nurses provide patient care on a variety of medical floors, performing tasks such as administering medication, changing dressings, and monitoring vital signs. They are critical in bridging staffing gaps and ensuring adequate care for patients across the country.

Why Choose New Jersey for Travel Med Surg Opportunities?
New Jersey has countless healthcare institutions that offer safe and competitive environments for experienced Med-Surg nurses. Many hospitals are Magnet-recognized status which rewards top-tier sources of nursing excellence. The state has high employment rates for RNs, so it is easier for travel-med-surge nurses to work whenever they want while enjoying many benefits like attractive salaries, lucrative incentive packages such as sign-on bonuses and relocation assistance.

What Skills Do I need as a Travel Med Surg Nurse?
Flexibility and adaptability are core competencies that one must-have when considering travel med-surg nursing. This job demands being open-mindedness towards new personalities of colleagues, patients, families or adapting to different hospital systems with different electronic health record (EHR) systems used by different institutions. Good communication skills demonstrating good judgment and decision-making with excellent clinical knowledge competence within an interprofessional team environment would also come in handy.

How do I obtain my credentials/licenses to work as a Traveling Nurse in New Jersey?
The first step will be submitting an application through Nursing License Verification from the New Jersey Board of Nursing. As you will be traveling, look out for states that participate in the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) as it provides quicker licensure processing and you work under one license across 35 member state jurisdictions eligible through an Inter-State Commission. Apart from RN licensure requirements, obtaining Certifications such as critical care nursing certification are advantageous.

What is a Typical Salary for Travel Med Surg Nurses in New Jersey?
The salary range for travel med surg nurses vary based on several factors like location, years of experience and education level. On average, most travel nurse assignments in NJ offer competitive highest pay packages with hourly rates ranging from – per hour excluding sign-on bonuses and housing stipends.

Finding employment opportunities shouldn’t be so hard now that you have all these answers to frequently asked questions about travel med-surg nurse jobs In New Jersey. The next step is to explore different healthcare staffing agencies providing quality placements of clinical professionals with vast experiences, sufficient support during your contract tenure, and exciting benefit programs. With careful planning and research backed by reliable resources like local state associations within your target location destination offering crucial information regarding travel nursing such as availability of short-term furnished accommodations, orientation programs tailored to provide information on state laws governing health practice guidelines which can ease the burden of relocating; next week’s blog post will dive into this topic providing a more in-depth guide for first-time travelers assisting them better understand what embodies true luxury travel .

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Travel Med Surg Nurse Jobs in New Jersey

If you’ve been dreaming about a career in nursing that’s both challenging and rewarding, then you might be interested in becoming a travel Med Surg nurse. Med Surg nurses are registered professionals who specialise in caring for adult patients with medical and surgical conditions. They work in hospitals, long-term care facilities or rehabilitation centres where they plan, implement and evaluate patient treatments.

As a travel nurse, you’ll get to experience different nursing environments across New Jersey while gaining valuable skills and knowledge that can’t be learned within the walls of a classroom. If this piques your interest, here are five facts that you need to know about travel Med Surg nurse jobs in New Jersey:

1. Travel nurses get paid well

One of the most significant benefits of being a travel nurse is the competitive compensation package that comes with it. As per PayScale, the average salary range for Med Surg nurses in New Jersey is $27-$54 per hour. This amount increases depending on factors like years of experience, location and facility type.

2. Flexibility

As a travel nurse, you’re not tied down to one location or hospital facility permanently which gives you greater flexibility when it comes to managing your professional and personal life balance. You can choose an assignment based on your preferences, whether it’s short-term or long-term, local or out-of-state.

3. Experience Different Work Environments

Traveling around various medical facilities throughout New Jersey allows you to gain exposure to diverse work environments outside of what traditional nursing roles offer from community health centers to tertiary care settings -enabling you to acquire invaluable expertise along the way.

4. Opportunities for Professional Advancement

Working as a travel nurse provides opportunities for continuing education through various training programs provided by the hospital facilities ensuring constantly updated knowledge-base that translates into better job placement options at potentially higher pay rates.

5. Gain Additional Benefits

In addition to salary packages comprising high remuneration rates plus housing allowances if desired, travel nurses receive healthcare and travel benefits supplementing regular staff’s privileges.

Becoming a Med Surg travel nurse in New Jersey opens up unique opportunities to explore diverse work settings as you grow in your professional nursing career. Competitive compensation packages, flexible work schedules and possible advancement opportunities all contribute to why more RNs are choosing this exciting career path.

Why New Jersey is the Perfect Destination for Traveling Med Surg Nurses

When it comes to choosing a destination for your next travel assignment as a Med Surg nurse, there are many factors to consider. From the availability of top-rated healthcare facilities and competitive compensation packages to an abundance of recreational activities and cultural attractions, finding the perfect balance can be challenging.

That’s why New Jersey is the ideal destination for traveling Med Surg nurses! Located in the heart of the Northeast region and just a short drive away from major metropolitan areas like New York City and Philadelphia, this state offers endless opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider making the Garden State your next temporary home:

1. Premium Healthcare Facilities

New Jersey is home to some of the finest healthcare centers in the United States. With world-class medical facilities such as Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Hackensack Meridian Health, and Atlantic Health System located across various regions throughout this state, Med Surg travelers will find plentiful job opportunities that match their expertise level.

2. Competitive Compensation Packages

Did you know that registered nursing positions come with excellent pay rates in New Jersey? According to, Med Surg RNs earn an average hourly wage of $41.54 in NJ- that is way higher compared to other nearby states like Delaware or Pennsylvania(an average rate of $34). But what’s more distinctive is NJ’s Lifetime earnings rank amongst all 50 states: it lands on #13 with expected lifetime earnings amounting up-to $3.4 Million!

3. Cultural Diversity

As a transient nurse exploring new cities every few months or so means being exposed to unlimited flavors of vibrant cultures – which should excite any adventurer! Similarly NYC couldn’t be closer – A melting pot of arts+food: Broadway Shows/NJ Symphony/ Ground Zero/Metropolitan Museum only to name a few things not far away.

Moreover French Chateau-style mansions hold exquisite collections at Princeton University Art Museum (NJ), Thomas Edison’s extensive works on display at West Orange laboratory or the exclusive filming sites of “The Sopranos” famous show – there are unexplored and multi-dimensional cultural hotspots at every corner in NJ!

4. Outdoor Adventures

New Jersey is also distinguished by its glowing reputation for parks and recreation – making it a haven to discover hidden natural gems in the region without losing your passion for exploring your athletic side.

From gorgeous coastline beaches, magical waterfalls such as Buttermilk Falls, Musconetcong Gorge Preserve or the stunning views of High Point State Park this state offers an array of choices to please outdoor enthusiasts while unwinding after grueling shifts at work.

5. Convenient Location and Transportation Options

Easy access from any Central location within 3-5 hours drive distance to multiple cities like Boston,NYC, Washington DC or Philly – you can be drastically shifting zip codes along With: reasonable drive time/some affordable alternatives perhaps from Newark’s Liberty International Airport traveling nurses can hop onto an international flight effortlessly anywhere they envision their next destination should be within a brief duration!

In conclusion, New Jersey provides ample opportunities for Traveling Nurses looking to enhance their professional career with regional hospital systems that boast advanced expertise medical services; adding liberal compensation aside exposure to distinctive art/food & entertainment experiences provided by broad metropolitan attractions nearby including Atlantic City/New York City/Washington D.C./Philadelphia! The thrilling outdoor environments ranging from serene coastal scenery to striking mountains also prove that NJ takes providing rejuvenation spots very seriously. If you’re convinced enough, apply now to start finding out how Travel Nursing can facilitate new adventures waiting TO happen in the Garden State!

Salary and Compensation for Travel Med Surg Nurses in New Jersey

As a travel Med Surg nurse in the beautiful state of New Jersey, you can expect to receive competitive salary and compensation packages. These packages are designed to attract top talent and reward experienced professionals for their hard work.

First off, let’s take a look at the average salary for a travel Med Surg nurse in New Jersey. According to data from ZipRecruiter, the average salary is around $86,000 per year. This figure can vary depending on factors such as experience level, location, and facility type.

The compensation package for travel nurses tends to be more than just an annual salary. You’ll likely receive benefits such as health insurance, dental and vision coverage, a retirement plan, and paid time off. Many agencies also offer bonus programs that reward nurses for completing assignments or referring other qualified professionals.

Another factor that affects your salary as a travel Med Surg nurse is your experience level. The more years you have under your belt, the higher your earning potential. Experienced travel nurses often command higher salaries due to their vast knowledge base and ability to adapt quickly to new environments.

As mentioned before, location also plays a role in determining your salary as a travel nurse in New Jersey. Certain areas may have higher costs of living or increased demand for skilled medical professionals, resulting in higher pay rates. Coastal cities like Atlantic City or Newark tend to offer more attractive salaries due to the high demand for healthcare professionals.

Lastly, facility type will also impact your compensation package as a travel Med Surg nurse. Hospitals and medical centers typically offer higher salaries and benefits in comparison to aged care facilities or nursing homes.

In summary, as a travel Med Surg nurse in New Jersey you can expect competitive salaries coupled with comprehensive benefit packages including insurances ,Retsirement plans etc., based on various factors such as experience level/location/facility type . By working with reputable staffing agencies who negotiate these details with prospective employers , NJs Traveling med surg RNs have the opportunity to receive excellent compensation packages while embracing the adventure and excitement of their role.

The Best Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Hiring Traveling Med Surg Nurses in New Jersey

As a traveling Med Surg nurse in New Jersey, finding the best hospitals and healthcare facilities to work at is crucial. Not only do you want to work somewhere that provides excellent patient care, but also a place where you feel valued as an employee.

Fortunately, there are several hospitals and healthcare facilities in New Jersey that fit the bill. Here are some of the top options for traveling Med Surg nurses in the Garden State:

1. Hackensack Meridian Health

Hackensack Meridian Health is one of the largest healthcare providers in New Jersey, with 17 hospitals and over 500 patient care locations. They offer innovative approaches to patient care, including integrative health programs and telemedicine services.

As a traveling Med Surg nurse at Hackensack Meridian Health, you’ll have access to competitive pay rates, flexible scheduling options, and opportunities for professional development.

2. RWJBarnabas Health

With over 11 million patient encounters each year, RWJBarnabas Health is one of the most extensive integrated healthcare systems in New Jersey. They have more than 250 locations throughout the state, including acute care hospitals, ambulatory care centers, and clinics.

As a traveling Med Surg nurse at RWJBarnabas Health, you’ll be able to take advantage of their comprehensive benefits package which includes health insurance coverage, retirement plans with employer contributions, and tuition reimbursement programs.

3. Atlantic Health System

Atlantic Health System is committed to providing exceptional healthcare services to communities throughout northern New Jersey. They operate six different medical centers and dozens of outpatient facilities across Morris County and surrounding areas.

Traveling Med Surg nurses working with Atlantic Health System can expect competitive compensation packages along with flexibility when it comes to scheduling options.

4. Shore Medical Center

Located just minutes from the beach in Somers Point Township on Mainland SE New Jersey’s Absecon Island rests Shore Medical Center – this private hospital has been caring for its communities for more than 75 years. As a Med Surg traveler, you’ll have access to their state-of-the-art facilities and technology equipped with easy-to-use professional tools.

Shore Medical center is renowned for its warm and friendly ambiance which supports the growth of each hospital staff member throughout their career journey. With competitive pay packages available to traveling nursing professionals, your experience at Shore Medical Center will not only be fulfilling but financially rewarding too.

5. CentraState Healthcare System

CentraState Healthcare System is located in Monmouth County with more than 100 years of service within the region. It has been recognized for endeavoring to maintaining a work-life balance while offering highly advanced healthcare facilities to patients from all walks of life.

They offer various benefits such as paid time off programs along with employer-matched retirement plan contributions making them an excellent choice among leading hospitals in New Jersey to work at!

In conclusion, there are plenty of options for traveling Med Surg nurses looking for top-notch medical facilities in New Jersey. Each medical institution offers its individual perks, benefits, and compensation packages that will entice nursing professionals throughout the globe. So why wait? Expand your professiona horizons today!

Table with useful data:

Job Title Location Salary Job Type
Med Surg Travel Nurse Newark, NJ $1,900-$2,300 per week Contract
Registered Nurse – Medical Surgical Travel Summit, NJ $1,900-$2,300 per week Contract
Med Surg RN – Travel Toms River, NJ $1,700-$2,100 per week Contract
Travel RN Medical Surgical Camden, NJ $1,800-$2,200 per week Contract
Med Surg Travel Nurse Totowa, NJ $1,800-$2,200 per week Contract

Information from an expert

As a seasoned travel med surg nurse, I can confidently say that New Jersey is ripe with opportunities for those seeking rewarding nursing assignments. From bustling cities like Newark and Atlantic City to serene suburban areas, there are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a location. The Garden State boasts top-notch medical facilities where nurses can hone their skills and gain new experiences. Moreover, with competitive pay packages, excellent benefits, and flexibility in work schedules, travel med surg nurse jobs in New Jersey are a great choice for those looking to expand their horizons both personally and professionally.

Historical fact:

Travel med surg nurse jobs in New Jersey were in high demand during the early 20th century due to the state’s growing industrialization and urbanization. Many nurses were needed to care for workers who suffered from injuries and illnesses related to their jobs. This led to the development of modern medical facilities and practices in the state.

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